Chase the Yukon Gold Miner!

Chase the Yukon gold miner! Chase has been chasing gold in the Yukon for 100 years, but is still hasn’t found any. But he has found an awful lot of fools gold!

He is the Chugger Mugger mining expert! And he can give you the complete history of the Klondike Gold Rush!

The trouble is that he kinda forgets other things! Like his shoes! Chase is constantly forgetting!

Chase helped crack the case of the missing crystal canoe at Klondike Karl’s gold mine. We might have to remind him about that case though, I think he has already forgotten about it!

Canadian History for Kids

In 1897, gold was discovered at Forty Mile Creek, Yukon. This started the great Yukon gold rush! The capital of the Yukon Territories is Whitehorse.

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Canadian History for Kids!