Chill the Canadian Polar-Beaver!

Chill the Canadian Polar-Beaver! Is he a Polar Bear or a Beaver?

We don’t know!

But he sure does know animals! He helps the Chugger Muggers with research on strange and interesting animals found in the Canadian wild.

Whether it is Whooping Cranes in Alberta or Muskoxen on Banks Island, Chill has the ability to speak to wild animals and find valuable clues.

Chill once followed interesting moose tracks through Northern Manitoba only to find Harry the Hammer had been riding on the back of a moose to escape the Chugger Muggers!

Canadian History for Kids

Manitoba‘s name came from the Cree word Manitou Bou which means “Great Spirit”! The capital is Winnipeg. Polar bears live in the Northern Part of Manitoba.

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Canadian History for Kids!