Chisel the Dory Maker from Nova Scotia

Chisel the dory maker from Nova Scotia. Chisel is a ship and dory expert and is extremely strong!

He helped Chopper, Jake and Jo solve the Mystery of the Vanishing Bluenose! A perfect mystery for Chisel! And his incredible strength helped foil the plan of the mean villain Fineus Flitch!

Whenever the Chugger Muggers need a little muscle, Chopper will always call for Chisel. His incredible strength and carpentry skills makes him a very special Chugger Mugger secret agent! And don’t tell his brother Chub from Newfoundland this, but Chisel is an excellent fisherman!

Canadian History for Kids

Nova Scotia means New Scotland in Latin. The capital city of Nova Scotia is Halifax. Nova Scotia has great fishing! It also has many bald eagles.

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Canadian History for Kids!