Chopper is the leader of the Chugger Mugger Mystery Team! This brave beaver discovers the Tree of Life and with the help of the other Chugger Muggers solves mysteries in History!

Chopper is a walking encyclopedia when it comes to Canadian history! And with the help of the Tree of Life, he has travelled back in time and met some of the most famous of all Canadians, including Jacques Cartier, Billy Bishop, Sir John Alexander Macdonald and Rocket Richard.

He has also witnessed some of the most interesting Canadian events including the Yukon Gold Rush in 1897, the hammering of the Last Spike in 1885 and the unveiling of the new Canadian flag in 1965!

Chopper is also a crazy inventor. He has invented many unique tools to help him solve the most baffling mysteries.

Chopper can always be seen with his magical walking stick, Champlain. Carved from a branch off of The Tree of Life, Champlain can turn into a magical flying stick when Chopper slams him hard on the ground!

Canadian History for Kids

Our national animal is the beaver! It is important because of the fur trade. The fur trade brought many people to Canada!

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Canadian History for Kids!