The War of 1812 in Canada Summary for Kids!

The War of 1812 in Canada Summary for Kids

In the end we ask who won and who lost the War of 1812. The clear loser in this conflict without any doubt is the Native People of North America. In the summer of 1815, the United States signed fifteen treaties with the tribes, guaranteeing their status as of 1811. But it did not return an acre of land. The dream of the Indian state never came true.

If any one could claim victory it was Canada. The United States declared war on Great Britain and set out to make Canada states in the union. Ten American armies crossed into Canada and all were driven out.

It was not realized at the time but the conflict with the United States was the first step toward the ultimate union of the provinces of British North America. The war had, in effect, forced the provinces to co-operate with one another in the urgent matter of defence. As the Canadian historian, Arthur Lower, says: “It therefore does not seem too far out to say that the War of 1812 is one of the massive foundation stones of modern Canada”.

Oddly enough, the War of 1812 brought some lasting benefits to British North America; there was a new sense of pride among the people, a pride in having defended their lands with courage and skill. There was also a better understanding between French speaking and English speaking Canadians, for each race had fought a common foe.

In Upper Canada, where the war was fought the heaviest, a bitter distrust of the United States lasted among the inhabitants for many years. This unfortunate legacy of suspicion proved a serious handicap in development of goodwill between the two countries.

By the end of the century, many American children have never heard of the War of 1812. By the 1960’s, it is reduced to a folk song. The song is entitled “The Battle of New Orleans” it was written by Jimmy Driftwood. The song was recorded and made famous by Johnny Horton in 1959.

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