Chub the Newfoundland Fishing Expert!

Chub the Newfoundland fishing expert! And does he ever have some fish tales for you!

He is also known as Blinky to his fellow Chugger Muggers. Chub’s eyesight is a little off these days but refuses to wear his glasses!

And if you give Chub more than 3 minutes of your time he’ll always have time to tell you about the big one that got away!

Chub helped the Chugger Muggers crack the case of the Crystal Canoe! He has been after the thief Mildew the Pirate for years. He is convinced Mildew has been stealing all the great fish that Chub can’t quite reel in!

Canadian History for Kids

This province is made up of 2 parts. Newfoundland Island and the Coastal area Labrador! The capital is St. John’s. You can find Puffin here!

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Canadian History for Kids!