Jake Ledbetter

The scaredy cat!

Jake and Jo accidentally discover the Tree of Life while they are on a class field trip. Jake is a member of the Hespeler football team and is crazy about hot dogs!

Jake has been in trouble more than once with the principal of Hespeler Public School for setting off the most foul and smokey of all stink bombs. In fact those stink bombs have come in handy a few times while time travelling with Josephine and Chopper!

Jake is one of the top students in Mr. Wisson’s history class and can name all of the Canadian Prime Ministers (without using cheat sheets!) And with the help of The Tree of Life, he has even met a few of them!

Jake is so proud to be an honorary member of the Chugger Muggers! He has sailed on the original Bluenose, helped Laura Secord on her famous journey and ran in a marathon with famed Canadian Olympian Tommy Longboat!

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