Jo Westbrook

“Don’t call me Josephine!”

Jo is the president of the camera club and editor of the Cougar Chronicle, the Hespeler Public School newspaper. She can always be found at the Maple Leaf Museum, looking for Chopper so that she can help with the next big mystery!

Jo has a very clever, detective like mind and has been very helpful in solving some of the more difficult cases for the Chugger Muggers. She watched every detective show on television and and can usually figure out whodunnit before the TV cops do!

Jo is a member of the Hespleler Historic Society and spends most weekends leading tours through the Maple Leaf Museum. Her parents think she spends way to much time at the museum, but Jo wants to stay close to the Tree of Life – just in case!

Jo single single-handedly solved the mystery of the Black Creek Gumbed Monster. It was a mystery that happened during the oil boom days of Petrolia in 1859, but ‘til this day she can’t get the oil stains off of her new shoes!

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